1 de diciembre de 2008

Instead of getting an MBA, consider spending six months in my office

Seth Godin lanza una interesante oferta con algunos de los argumentos de Ycombinator. La verdad es que tengo ganas de poder hacer una oferta de este tipo en Okuri Ventures que permita a un grupo de gente colaborar con diversas startups e iniciativas de Okuri Tribe en un miniprograma que ayude a formarles como emprendedores y profesionales "on the job"

There are plenty of reasons to get an MBA, especially in a down economy. I'm not sure exactly what they are, though. A typical MBA might take two years out of your life and cost you more than $150,000 in tuition and opportunity cost.

On this page, I'd like to invite you to consider (and apply for) something very different.


Six intense months working with a few other amazing people (and me.)

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