27 de enero de 2007


19 de enero de 2007

Don't Download This Song

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18 de enero de 2007

El MBA de Second Life

Adjunto email que acaban de enviar a los alumnos de INSEAD, una de las mejores escuelas de negocio de TRW

Me ha parecido tan interesante que voy a reinstalarme el Second Life y asistir como invitado, ya os contaré que tal va

We are experimenting with a (virtual) campus located in "Second Life". This is a virtual world that is attracting growing interest from individuals, corporations and also educational institutions and where, with the lead of Professor Miklos Sarvary, we have created an INSEAD campus


Why am I sending this to you? So that you are aware of how we experiment with different technologies but also to ask for volunteers for the "first-ever" INSEAD MBA session on our "third campus". Next Wednesday, January 25th (10:00-10:30 FBL time, 17:00-17:30 SGP time), we will be running a session, conducted by Professor Miklos Sarvary (he will be talking about the use of virtual worlds in a business environment).

We are looking for a small group of MBAs who would like to take part in this session. What do you need? You need to be familiar with "Second Life" (have the software installed in your laptop) and then reply to this email expressing your interest. I will follow up with those who reply and then send an invitation to some of you, requesting details on your "Avatar" (there are no humans in Second Life, just Avatars). Realize that even if the content of the session is real, we still see this as a test, so expect some technical issues to come up during the process


Finally, if any of you is interested in the development of technology in an educational environment like ours, please share with me your interest and ideas. I have strong interest in the subject and INSEAD, because of its dual campus structure, is an ideal place to develop such technologies.