24 de octubre de 2008

Damodaran habla de valoraciones "postcrisis"

The intrinsic value of a business is still a function of its capacity to generate cash flows in the future (...). I am not going to create new paradigms for valuation just because we are in turmoil. In terms of estimates, though, here is what I believe has changed in these last 6 weeks:

1. The risk premiums we demand for investing in equities as a class and in corporate bonds has increased significantly (...)

2. It is beyond debate now that there will be consequences for economies globally. The slowdown will affect real economic growth (and consequently earnings growth) next year for companies around the world.

3. The long term consequences for individual companies is likely to be mixed. The shake out and more limited access to capital will put smaller companies at risk and drive many of them out of business. Larger companies will strong balance sheets and significant competitive advantages will emerge the winners from this turmoil. (...)

Lectura del powerpoint a juego más que recomendada

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