16 de septiembre de 2009

Anyclip propone solución para indexar videos

Finalmente una manera razonable de buscar escenas en películas:

AnyClip, a startup that launched at the TechCrunch50 conference in San Francisco today, is a service that purports to let you find any moment from any film every made.
It’s a tall order. AnyClip says it searches through all the publicly available video on the web. It doesn’t use speech-to-text technology. Instead it relies on movie buffs to tag and sort their favorite moments through the ClipIt platform - the Mechanical Turk approach to product development. Users can create metadata that AnyClip uses to sort through video.

Videos in AnyClips’ database have on average about 500 tags, the company said. Like most startups, AnyClip also wants to become a platform, by releasing a public application programming interface today. AnyClip plans to make money through advertising deals that will run on AnyClip, and by routing users to buy DVDs and taking a cut of the sale.

Visto en post de Venturebeat sobre Techcrunch50
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